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Sea Kayak Greenland, located in Uummannaq, West Greenland, is a premier sea kayaking guiding company and adventure outfitter. Specializing in immersive nature experiences at sea and on land, we invite adventurous travelers to explore the pristine and wild Arctic landscapes. Our tailored adventures and expeditions cater to small groups and individual travelers. If you are interested in experiencing Greenland – birthplace of modern sea kayaking, and want to paddle among icebergs, see Arctic wildlife, and have an unforgettable adventure, reach out to discuss how we can customize a trip to meet your needs.

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Uummannaq serves as a gateway to boundless adventure. Stepping outside the settlement means leaving behind the comforts of civilization. It’s a unique opportunity to embrace discomfort, lose yourself, and push your limits. The vast Greenlandic wilderness remains largely unexplored and untouched by human influence. It’s essential to approach it with respect for its delicate ecosystem and to be well-prepared for the challenging Arctic conditions. Sea Kayak Greenland can facilitate safe and immersive experiences in this remarkable wilderness.

The sea kayak expedition in Uummannaq presents a unique and awe-inspiring experience. Paddling through the Arctic waters allows you to navigate among majestic icebergs, witness stunning wildlife, and explore remote coasta. The intimate connection with nature, the sense of serenity on the water, and the chance to discover hidden gems along the coastline make the sea kayak expedition in Uummannaq a truly extraordinary experience.

Greenland and Uummannaq

Greenland has been home to people for thousands of years, showcasing their fearless resilience in adapting to the challenging wilderness. The deep connection between the people, the land, and the sea has led to exceptional mastery of arctic survival and hunting skills, passed down through generations. This enduring link gave rise to sea kayaking, now an integral part of local culture. At Sea Kayak Greenland, we honor this tradition.

Just north of Ilulissat in West Greenland lies Uummannaq, known for its iconic “heart-shaped” mountain. This vibrant town, home to over a thousand friendly residents and numerous Greenlandic sled dogs, is surrounded by icy arctic waters teeming with fish, seals, and whales. It serves as a perfect entry point to the expansive Uummannaq Fjord and its pristine nature, best experienced from a kayak. If you’re seeking a unique and unforgettable nature-based adventure along ancient Inuit paths, join us on one of our expeditions. Discover more about Uummannaq and plan your stay by clicking here.

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„Uummannaq is not found in most itineraries. It’s a destination, as yet, unspoiled by tourists.  Yet, the fiords of Uummannaq are the most spectacular in Greenland.
Icebergs of all size and shapes calve and float in its bays.  Fin and humpback whales are common and the views from a short hike from any beach-front campsite are unmatched.
Sea Kayak Greenland led by Piotrek Damskip is an extraordinary host and guide. And a great chef to boot.”


„At seventy-seven years old I viewed my kayak/hiking trip to Greenland as a mythic hero’s journey.  I prepared by kayaking several times weekly near my home and hiking the woods of northern Minnesota, but I was no longer the distance runner or aikidoist I had once been.
I felt so privileged and blessed to be along with Piotrek, Mr. Steve, and the others in our group who seamlessly bonded in a solidarity that is rare to experience. 
The land and the sea of western Greenland exceeded any expectations I could have imagined. The weather was perfect for such a trek, mixing twenty four hour daylight with sunshine, wind and rain, icebergs, whales, and arctic foxes near our tents on the barren shores.
This was an adventure not meant to be an easy, relaxing vacation cruise.  It is the stuff of epic dreams, of testing one’s mettle, of midnight campfires at the top of the world.  I didn’t just read about it.  I was there.”


“Piotrek is the perfect combination of amiable companion, laid back task master and excellent cook, as well as consummate professional when it comes to safety. The Uummannaq area will add a new perspective to your reality, it basically strips you of all reference points. We are small. When you are lying in your tent at 2am with the sun shining on it and you can hear the whales breathing in the distance, Well Dorothy, you are not in Kansas any more”


Kayaking, camping, and exploring Uummannaq Fjord with Piotrek Damski was an experience I would do again. Uummannaq has a place in my heart that is first in the several special places I have visited. Kayaking with finback whales past sculpted icebergs. Towering rock walls. Water falls dropping off cliffs hundreds of feet into the ocean. Glaciers winding from the snow cap to outwash plain. Silence. Hiking from camp on windy days. Following the landscape, no trails here. Carpets of alpine flowers. Solitary beauties tucked between rocks. Climbing glacial valleys along moraines. The magic of room sized erratics dropped randomly along cliffs. Bergy bits and growlers presented a maze like approach to one campsite. Another lay at the end of a long finger of the fjord. A third was on a peninsula extending away from towering granite walls. Every campsite had its own beauty, and several had an arctic fox neighbor. Expect to eat well, we did. Supper was always anticipated, and always enjoyed. Likewise a fjord-side pot of steamed mussels. And the cozy granite slab oven baked Atlantic Cod served on rock slabs was memorable. Fall asleep to the sound of whales exhaling. Yes, I heartedly recommend visiting Greenland with Sea Kayak Greenland.

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