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Uummannaq Adventure​​

Welcome to Sea Kayak Greenland, where we specialize in guided sea kayaking adventures. Whether you’re seeking a day trip or an extended month-long expedition, our offerings cater to all preferences. If you’re planning a visit to Uummannaq and are in search of exciting activities or wish to join one of our immersive longer expeditions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

ensuring you can make the most of the favorable weather during this period.

In addition to our guided trips, we extend our services to provide logistics support and kayak gear rental for both companies, kayak clubs and seasoned individual paddlers. 

Join us for an extraordinary expedition in Uummannaq Fjord, where you’ll delve into the untouched Greenlandic wilderness and immerse yourself in the local culture. Embark on a journey with us that transcends the ordinary and creates lasting memories.

Embark on an extraordinary 12-day sea kayaking expedition in the breathtaking Uummannaq Fjord.

Guided by our experienced team, this annual journey offers a unique opportunity to explore the pristine landscapes and crystal-clear waters of Greenland in a good company.

Trip Description

Our expedition begins in the charming town of Uummannaq. Upon arrival, we’ll be picked up from a heliport and transferred to our accommodation. The initial day will be dedicated to immersing ourselves in the local culture, exploring Uummannaq’s highlights such as the museum, the iconic church, and the whale house. As the day unfolds, we’ll prepare for the upcoming adventure and share a delightful dinner together.
Over the next 12 days, the great outdoors becomes our playground. We’ll navigate the fjord by kayak, with breaks for invigorating hikes to stretch our legs. On the final day, we will be picked up by a boat, and we’ll return to Uummannaq. The night will be spent in Uummannaq before bidding farewell the following day with a homeward-bound flight.

Join us on an extraordinary expedition in the heart of Uummannaq Fjord.

Greenlandic wilderness to the rich local culture, this journey promises an experience beyond the ordinary.

Should you have any specific inquiries or desire more details about the trip, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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If you have specific questions or if there’s anything particular you’d like to know about the trip, feel free to ask!

Route Description

Embark on a mesmerizing journey through the expansive Uummannaq Fjord, one of West Greenland’s largest and most picturesque. Its vast network of fjords, bays, and inlets in every direction provides an awe-inspiring setting for an unforgettable sea kayak expedition, revealing stunning and pristine landscapes at every turn.

Our expedition begins at the base of Sea Kayak Greenland in Uummannaq.

After packing our gear and provisions, we’ll venture eastward into Amitsuatsiaq, where our first camp will be set up. This place offers excellent hiking and sightseeing opportunities, with the glimpse of the icecap at higher elevations. Continuing our expedition, we’ll paddle southeast into Sermilip Fjord, an area frequently visited by local hunters and fishermen. Uummannaq Fjord, shaped by favorable weather conditions, has a rich history as a settlement site for the Paleo-Eskimo Saqqaq culture around four thousand years ago and later by the Thule Culture a millennium ago. Numerous archaeological sites line our route, with a stop at Aappilattoq revealing ancient Inuit settlement, complete with graves and remnants.

The upcoming destination on our expedition leads us to the northern tip of Ningeq

Situated alongside a river, this site ensures an abundant supply of fresh water. This bay not only provides excellent hiking opportunities but is also a favored spot for whale visits and exceptional cod fishing. An optional hike to the massive, shallow, and frozen Aunerit lake promises a unique adventure.

Departing from Ningeq, our journey continues into Avannarlikassak,

where we’ll set up camp at its southeast end. Nestled at the base of the towering Aunerit mountain, standing at 1048m above sea level, this picturesque site offers exceptional fishing opportunities, including the chance to catch Arctic Char. Take advantage of the serene lakeside ambiance and explore the surrounding area at your leisure.
Our westward paddle leads us to Niaqornakavsak, a narrow spit of land at the northwest end of Drygalskis Peninsula. With stunning views, Thule archaeological remains, and outstanding fishing, this location ensures a captivating experience. The deep nearby waters attract Fin and Humpback whales, enhancing the allure of the surroundings. As the expedition concludes, we bid farewell to this remarkable area, being picked up and returning to Uummannaq. This marks the end of our extraordinary expedition through the wonders of Uummannaq Fjord.


Weather & Sea Conditions:

The optimal time to explore the area is during July and August, offering the best weather conditions.

During this period, the winds tend to be mild, and the seas remain calm. Located above the Arctic Circle, Uummannaq experiences the phenomenon of the polar day, with the sun not setting. Immerse yourself in this unique natural spectacle. The Uummannaq Fjord is often referred to as the “Greenlandic Riviera” due to the abundance of sunny days. While occasional weather systems may pass through, affecting paddling conditions momentarily, the overall weather is generally stable, and the sea state remains calm. Despite the chilly sea temperatures, hovering around 4 degrees Celsius (39 degrees Fahrenheit), the air temperature often exceeds 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit), providing a surprisingly comfortable environment for your exploration. However, we always come prepared to adjust to unforeseen and sudden weather changes.

Encounter the unique biodiversity of this Greenlandic region.

Polar Bears are a rare sight in Uummannaq Fjord, thanks to nearby settlements and frequent fishing boat activities, ensuring a safe environment. The nutrient-rich waters teem with an abundance of fish, including Capelin, Cod and Greenlandic Halibut. During low tide, the opportunity arises to harvest blue mussels, enriching our culinary experience. Arctic Char comes to the fjord later into the season to breed. Fishing and harvesting become integral to supplementing our expedition rations, your guide will take care of that, and you’re welcome to join in if you wish.

Keep a watchful eye on the surrounding waters, as this time of year often brings the possibility of encountering Humpback and Fin whales. The Greenlandic tundra is as a home to Arctic Foxes, occasional visitors to our campsite. The towering cliffs of Uummannaq Fjord provide an ideal breeding ground for birds in the summer. The skies come alive with a vibrant display of Arctic birdlife, including Guillemots, Kittiwakes, Fulmars and Arctic Terns. Be prepared to encounter a vast number of mosquitoes, bug net and a bug repellent is advised. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of this pristine environment, where wildlife encounters compliment the expedition in an unforgettable way.

As we depart from Uummannaq, our journey takes us deep into the untouched expanse of the Greenlandic tundra. In this vast and uninhabited terrain, there are no designated campsites or facilities. Our camping locations will be chosen based on weather conditions and proximity to fresh water sources. Rest assured, we provide 4-season expedition tents for all participants, featuring comfortable 2-3 person tents from reputable brands like Hilleberg, Helsport, and The North Face. Typically, kayakers will share tents, with two people per tent. Additionally, we’ll set up a lavvo/tipi tent for storing supplies and cooking. If you wish to bring your own tent, please let us know in advance. Participants are required to bring their own sleeping gear. Although the average temperatures circle around and above 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit) in the summer, nighttime temperatures may occasionally drop to around 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit), so we do recommend bringing warm sleeping bags and mattes with good thermal isolation. For sustenance, we’ll prepare all our meals using camp stoves or fires, depending on the availability of driftwood. With provisions for 12 days, our meals will encompass breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our provisions will include a mix of fresh produce from Uummannaq, freeze-dried expedition meals, supplemented by freshly caught fish and mussels. Utilizing lightweight and easily packable dehydrated packet meals, we can efficiently carry a 12-day supply of food within our kayaks. Immerse yourself in the rugged beauty of wild camping while enjoying expedition meals crafted amidst Greenland’s pristine landscapes.

Who is the kayaking expedition for:

This kayaking expedition is designed for individuals with prior kayaking experience. Participants should be comfortable covering distances of 10-20km per day, endure small waves and mild to moderate winds. It’s essential to be prepared for wild camping in challenging weather conditions. Preferably kayakers will have previous experience with overnight expeditions, and having visited polar regions before is considered advantageous. If you are happy with these criteria and are ready for an adventurous journey, this expedition is tailored for you.

Price: 4000 USD per person

What’s included:

  • Experienced Sea Kayaking Guide or Guides (depending on number of kayakers)
  • Sea kayak (single or double), spray skirt, PFD, paddle, pogies.
  • Fishing gear
  • Tents (personal tents plus kitchen tent)
  • Dry bags (limited supply)
  • Cooking equipment, cookware, and all expedition meals and coffee.
  • Unforgettable experience
  • Heliport pick-up and drop-off
  • Accommodation in Uummannaq
  • We have NRS spray jackets however dry suits are preferred, and not included.

What’s not included:

  • Travel to and from Uummannaq
  • Dry suits
  • Sleeping bags and sleeping mattes
  • Travel Insurance


2.07 – 15.07 (3.07-14.07 Sea Kayak Expedition)
Minimum 4 kayakers required.

Dates to be announced based on upcoming flight schedule.
Expected dates:
First 12-day expedition: beginning of July.
Second 12-day expedition: beginning of August.


Thinking about alternate dates?

We are open from 1st of June until 1st of October

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How to book:

Reach out to us to book a spot on the expedition.

To reserve your spot, a 25% deposit is necessary, with the first installment due 6 months prior to the trip start and the remaining balance due 2 months before the expedition commencement.


Should you have any inquiries or require additional information about the expedition, feel free to contact us. We’re here to assist you in making your adventure a seamless and memorable experience.

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