Discover the enchanting beauty of Uummannaq and its serene surroundings, offering a perfect retreat within a stunning Arctic landscape. The town features colorful houses seamlessly integrated into the mountainous scenery, complemented by the daily spectacle of massive icebergs drifting by. Keep an eye out for Humpback and Fin whales, frequent visitors to the fjord. The stay in Uummannaq offers unparalleled experiences. From exploring the untouched Greenlandic wilderness to immersing yourself in the local culture, it’s a journey that goes beyond the ordinary. Witness breathtaking landscapes, engage in outdoor activities, and stay in authentic Greenlandic homes for a truly immersive adventure. The opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, confront limits, and create lasting memories makes Uummannaq a destination like no other.

How to get there ​

Getting to Uummannaq is an adventure in itself. You can fly to Greenland from Keflavik to Ilulissat or Copenhagen to Ilulissat via Kangerlussuaq. From Ilulissat, take a small Dash-8 plane to Qaarsut and then a short helicopter flight to Uummannaq heliport. Boat transfers are also available upon request. Starting from Summer 2024, a ferry will connect Ilulissat and Uummannaq. If you’re planning a visit, we’d be delighted to assist you with planning your journey.

Where to stay ​

Upon reaching Uummannaq, we can help you arrange your stay through our partner, Avani Homes Aps. Avani offers comfortable accommodation in different houses across Uummannaq. Each house comes fully equipped with amenities like kitchen, Wi-Fi etc. Here you will feel like a local and experience slow pace, authentic Greenlandic living. Starting from the end of summer 2024, new apartments with breath-taking fjord views will be accessible, ideal for larger groups or families.